When I go shoe shopping I realize just how shabby my old kicks are.

The comparison is so striking between a new and old pair.

If it’s appropriate, I’ll often wear the new shoes right out of the building once I pay for them!

That’s how I feel about our new identity, crafted by an exceptional local designer, Kai Diaz.

It’s important that our brand identity illustrates the deepest levels of our philosophy when it comes to editing photos.

I think this redesign nails it.

So the and new logo goes like this…

It’s a 3D box.



We’ve long talked about how we build a foundation for all editing with four essential points that we focus on:

1) White Point
2) Black Point
3) Mid Tones
4) White Balance
A strong home is built upon a solid foundation first.

The cabinets and furniture are selected later.

We do the exact same with your images and start with a good foundation.

From there we can move in any direction, illustrated by the intersecting lines in the center.




Warmer, Cooler?
Darker, Brighter?
More/Less Contrasty?

You bet.
It was also deliberate to go black & white and stay minimal as a way to communicate:

“here’s our editing structure,
now let’s customize and build on top of it.”
Will this identity change anything for you?

Nope- same awesome goodness.

But for us, this feels like walking into a party with our best suit on!

Thanks for partying with us, friends!