Any wedding photographer will tell you: Even with the best computer you always wish that you could edit faster in Lightroom!

In fact, I think that everyone wishes they could edit faster in Lightroom, no matter what you’re shooting!

This is true, right?

The moment you get the fastest computer available Lightroom gets an update with more features (that require more computing power).

The moment you have both the fastest computer AND fastest version of Lightroom, you buy a new camera with MASSIVE Raw files.

The cycle never ends.

Smart Previews have been a total lifesaver when you want to outsource your wedding post production.

But did you know there was recently a feature released in Lightroom CC  that allows you to leverage Smart Previews to make editing swift and snappy at home?
edit faster in lightroom update

Once you run your Adobe Creative Cloud update and launch Lightroom, you will see the screen below. Note the middle point:

Smart Previews are smaller versions of your original images and can sometimes provide faster performance in the Develop module. Check out the Performance Preferences to learn more. 

edit faster in lightroom 1

Fabulous! Let’s dive into the Preferences!

Here we find the checkbox to always “Use Smart Previews Instead of Originals for image editing.”

With a note that says:

“This will allow increased performance, but may display decreased quality while editing. Final output will remain full size/quality.”

edit faster in lightroom 2

Now, of course, when you send your orders to us we use Smart Previews to edit. This feature has been around for a while.

(And we’ve never really noticed a “decreased quality while editing.” So proceed without hesitation!)

The difference is that now when you receive your edited Lightroom Catalog from us you can do your final cropping or creative treatments FASTER in Lightroom simply because it will be looking to the small versions instead of the full sized 40MB Raw files.

This will also be HUGE for those of you who prefer to do your culling inside Lightroom. That means it won’t take 3 seconds for Lightroom to load the next image. 😉

Hopefully, this one simple trick will help you edit faster in Lightroom so you can get back to what you love- SHOOTING!